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Alice-Arina Ciocan-Pendefunda, Viorica Tarmure ,Gabriela Ifteni , Alina Mihaela Apostu

ABSRACT The treatment of the stomatognat system dysfunction is a complex one and depends on the diagnosis and symptomatology to each case.The aim of this study is to identify the clinical signs of muscle in the dysfunctional syndrome and also the type of treatment applied successfully or failure.Materials and methods. This study includes 952 patients treated, 462 men and 490 women between 18 and 80 years old. The results obtained after the clinical and paraclinical examinations were processed with the special statistical programs.* Microsoft Excel and Statistic 2000.Results. Discutions. One of the dysfunctional syndrome factor is the stress. The results of this study showed that only 11% of patients recognize the presence of the sress in their lives. The muscle relaxation is another stage of treatment by applying occlusal interceptors. Our study releaved that the application of relaxation splints for 15% of cases had good results. Other patients have benefited symptomatic therapy : 18% of cases hydrotermotherapy,9% of cases fototherapy, 14% of cases ultrasonotherapy and 31% of cases medicinal therapy with miorelaxants.Conclusions. The treatment of neuromuscular component is associated in most of the cases with specify therapy of the other component of the stomatognat system.

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