The Role Of Noninvasive Therapy In Partial Edentation Homeostatic Rehabilitation

Ramona Diana Fatu, Magda Ecaterina Antohe, Norina Consuela Forna

This study aims, at identifying the contribution of the noninvasive and minimally invasive therapy such as ozone therapy, in rehabilitation of partially edentulous patient. Material and method: the study group was represented by patients with ages between 29 and 59 years, diagnosed with partial edentation, treated in Clinical Base for Learning from the School of Dental Medicine, Iasi, between 2007 and 2010. Ozone therapy was used as treatement on a number of 130 patients with different pathologies and we evaluated clinically and paraclinically the results optained by comparative anallysis of data. Results: The results optained subsequent to clinical and paraclinical evaluation show the positive effect of ozone therapy in speeding the process of healing and biostimulative role on each level of the stomatognatic system.

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