Cristian Constantin Budacu, Magdalena Rusu Negraia, Lucian Laurentiu Indrei, Luca Mihaela Gabriela


As a branch of medical science, dentistry is no exception to the overall evolution of human knowledge in an area of common interest embodying the powerful forces of cercetare.

The last decades meant definitive and irreversible penetration of advanced concepts and technologies, technical changes and working concepts occurring from year to year. Prosthetic restorations of front teeth by ceramic made, in the vast majority of cases succeed in rendering, due to their own qualities of the materials used, the natural appearance and the natural beauty of the teeth, they create the impression of vitality, translucency and volume. The maxillary frontal group due to the privileged position on the maxillary dental arch, represents aesthetically a challenge for the dentist when discussing its prosthetic restoration.Material and method: The study comprises 19 cases , 10 men (52.62%) and 9 women (47.38%). Results and discussions: Due to the functional role that the maxillary front teeth perform, the corrections must be made within the limits of functional tolerance to be within the normal occlusal parameters because the functional disturbances dictated only by the aesthetics are not tolerated and can lead to great imbalances.Conclusions: The complex oral rehabilitation of various complicated clinical cases encountered in dental practice is largely a challenge for the dentist because of the high degree of damage different but present in all system elements; dysfunction that is installed is difficult to diagnose and difficult to treat.

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