Dan Cristian Ionel, Magdalena Rusu Negraia, Cristian Constantin Budacu, Simionescu Ana Maria Andreea, Rosu Alexandra Larisa, Raluca Biciuşcă


The human personality is structured under the action of hereditary factors, internal and external factors which demand, under the conditions of modern civilization, an increasing power of adaptation on the part of the body .After the ontogenetic and phylogenetic evolution, however, the adaptive capacity decresed, as man has reached a stage with a superior organization .The psychic, seen as a new type of reaction of the organism to its environment, is strongly influenced by the external environment and in particular is merely stress. Under its action, the value of the psychic as an element of regulation and adaptation in the environment diminishes, too. It is known that the morphological and functional integrity of the stomatognathic system, the health and the vigor, is conferred for the individual “a state of well-being” that influences his somatic and mental health, as any disturbance at this level leads to repercussions in psychic and social behavior. Such a disruptive disorder is the total edentation that severely alters not only the system but the whole organism, posing various biological and psycho-social problems.Material and method: The study included 43 patients, 24 of whom were men and 19 women, with total uni- or bimaxillary edentation. Results and discussions:It can be concluded that the total edentation can be and is responsible for somatopsychic alterations, along with other general, local, social factors, which can sometimes take a dramatic turn, converting, where the land is favorable, a pure somatic disease. Conclusions: Psychiatric disorders frequently accompany the total edentation and may condition both the doctor-patient collaboration during the treatment and the possibilities of adaptation of the patients to the mobile prosthetic devices.

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