The Necessity To Formulate The Ethyological Diagnosis Of Intracapsular Temporo-Jaw Joint Disorders, On The Basis Of Some Existent Difficulties

M. Suciu, L. Ieremia
The authors, after a short presentation referring to the necessity to know the difficulties for discovering the ethyological risk factors responsible for the appearance of the intracapsular disorders of the temporo-jaw joint (TMD) take into consideration three clinical situations that are specific for this pathology: disorders of the articular disk, disk compressions and temporo-jaw osteoartrosys. As a result of the implication of various local ethyopathogenic risking factors with the general or the sistemyc ones, the clinical scene of the manifestation of temporo-jaw dissorders becomes a different one, due to which in the dishomeostasys of the stomatognatic system is needed the aquintance of framing the morbid discovered entities in oro-facial painfull pathology.

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