The Influence Of Post Material On Fracture Resistance And Mode Of Failure Of The Teeth Reconstructed With Post Systems

Anca Mihaela Viţalariu, Monica Silvia Tatarciuc, Diana Diaconu, St.Panaite
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the fracture strength and mode of failure of endodontically treated teeth reconstructed with different posts. Forty maxillary central incisors were reconstructed with different posts and divided in 4 groups: carbon fibre posts, glass fibre posts, titan posts and control group (without posts). The force was applied at an angle of 45 degrees, until the failure of specimens. The failure loads were recorded and analyzed with student t method. The mode of failure (reparable or irreparable) was also evaluated. Regarding the mean value of resistance to fracture there were no significant differences between groups, but differences in the mode of failure were recorded. Metal posts caused a bigger number of irreparable root fractures, while non-metallic posts produced in most cases reparable root fractures. In conclusion, the fibre reinforced posts have a protective effect on the dental tissues comparing with metallic posts and are best suited for the restoration of endodontically treated teeth.


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