The Evaluation Of Clinical And Imagistic Parameters On Osteoporosis Patients

Irina Ursarescu, Sorina Solomon, Oana Potarnichie, Liliana Pasarin, Ioana Martu, Ionut Luchian, Silvia Martu

Introduction Osteoporosis represents a frequent disease in female patients with onset menopause; the search of skeletal demineralisation association with the periodontal disease, characterised by alveolar bone loss, another frequent disease of adult population, is a necessity. Materials and method This study was conducted on 52 female subjects, with onset menopause, with the age of 44-65 years, with osteoporosis. The medical history was registered; we evaluated the periodontal indexes and the panoramic radiographies for bone resorption index. Results The local factors indexes presented high values, specific for periodontal disease. The bone loss was correlated with the periodontal indexes values and with the periodontal attachment loss. Conclusions This study reveals a significant correlation between osteoporosis and periodontal disease; we also found an important relation between local risk factors and the attachment loss.

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