Gheorghe Raftu, Elena-Claudia Sin, Albertine Leon, Aureliana Caraiane, Steliana-Gabriela Buștiuc


Aim of the study The study has quantified the results obtained during the evaluation done by the dentists of the complete acrylic dentures in the moment they were applies in the oral cavity, aswell as identifying the main flaws, in relation to certain criteria as follows: finishing, retention, stability or hold, all these constituting indexes of evaluation for the success of the treatment of complete edentation by complete acrylic dentures. Material and method The studied lot is formed of 122 patients with a complete unimaxilary edentation, with ages between 61-84 years, who have acquired complete acrylic dentures. Reference criteria was evaluated, such as: teeth position, finishing, retention, stability or hold. The participants have evaluated more parameters regarding their satisfaction on the complete acrylic dentures and the efficiency of the communication between doctor and patient, dental technician and patient.  Results and discussions A series of superior characteristics regarding superior complete acrilyc dentures have been identified compared to mandibulary dentures, tied to: lack of mobility during food consumption (61% vs 33%), lack of mobility during speech (71% vs 57%), retention on the prosthetic field (61% vs 47%) or regaining their facial appearance (68% vs 57%). Patients wearing maxillary complete acrylic dentures that were unsatisfied – 3% have accused in a proportion of 100% the inesthetic aspect of the denture.Conclusions Most of the complete acrylic dentures are of good quality and take into account all the criteria of reference in evaluating dentures. „Differences in perception” exist between the dentist and the patient on the success of the treatment using complete acrylic dentures.

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