Romanian Journal of Oral Rehabilitation 2011,Numarul 2 The Biointegration of Orthodontic Implants

The Biointegration of Orthodontic Implants

Alina Sodor, Monica Tatarciuc, Valentina Dorobăţ

The aim of our study was to evaluate in vivo the biointegration of some representative orthodontic implants. The animals used in our study were Guinea pigs. The materials were divided in three groups M1, M2, M3 according to their manufacturer. The orthodontic implants were inserted in a hole drilled into the bone using a Stryker cordless machine and the no. 2 drill from the human minimal invasive osteosynthesis kit. For the intraosseous implants for one Guinea pig from each group we have made mineralization tests of the implant bone interface. We examined each sample with the fluorescence microscope Olympus BX 40. The results of our study showed for the M2 orthodontic implants a higher degree of periimplantar mineralization with an irregular disposal of the fluorescent material showing a random mineralization process. For M3 we observed a irregular remineralizion process. For M1 implants we observed new bone tissue developed on a cartilaginous matrix without inflammatory process. For one implant in M2 group we observed an accelerated regeneration process. The M2 tissues showed a higher inflammatory reaction compared to the M1 group.

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