The Angle II/1 Class Malocclusion and the Incidence of the Signs Associated to the Cranio-Mandibular Dysfunctional Syndrome

Roman Doru, Păcurar Mariana, Ieremia Lucian, Bică Cristina

The present study desire to increase medical dental specialist’s attention regarding the importance of epidemiologic investigation in finding, following-up and treating of the patients with and without cranio-mandibular disorders (C.M.D.) and class II/1 Angle malocclusions. The closed end anamnesis index designed to evaluate the functionality and dysfunctionality of the temporo-mandibular joint (T.M.J.) provided valuable dates, really helpful in this way. The anamnesis index was fulfilled by 103 investigated patients, having age range between 7-17 years old, together with their parents, 40 of them with class II/1 Angle. The dates mentioned above orient the physician to the local somatic, psychic and general risk factors responsible by the C.M.D. creation.

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