Study Regarding The Evaluation Of Certain Factors Involved In The Production Of Dento-Periodontal Traumatisms At Children, Teenagers And Young People

Raluca Dragomir

Aim to evaluate a number of factors involved in dento- periodontal traumatic injuries .Material and methods: 207 children, adolescents and young adults were evaluated in urban and rural areas in Iasi, aged between 8-24 years who presented symptoms related to traumatic injuries of teeth and periodontium. Patients who had complaints about traumatic injuries of teeth were assessed. Clinical and radiological findings were recorded in a specially designed form to enable the evaluation of clinical and statistical parameters of interest. Results-discussions: The batch consisted of 153 boys (73.91%) and 54 girls (26.09%). A total of 9 patients (4.35%) came from an environment with low living standards, 162 (78.26%) patients had an average level of living and in 36 (17.39%) patients recorded a high standard of living. Applying the t-student test and representing the distribution of patients according to the day of the week in which the trauma was produced, we see that there was a maximum of trauma on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, with a minimum Tuesdays and Fridays. In terms of the distribution of patients according to the time of the trauma was produced a high incidence was observed between 12.00 and 14.00. Depending of the place where the injury occurred, there were 100 patients (43.48%) where injury occurred during school hours, in 60 patients (26.09%) trauma came at home and in70 patients (30.43%) trauma occurred elsewhere (outside the disco, etc.). Depending of the mechanism of trauma we found that small ages, mixed dentition (8-14 years old – 99 patients) injuries occurred from falls, while patients with permanent dentition (15-24 years -108 patients) both suffered injuries from falls and impact. Conclusions The frequency of periodontal dental trauma is directly linked to the sport activities, the brutality of the games, road traffic accidents, and family aggression.

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