Study Regarding the Assessment of Enamel Microhardness in Incipient Carious Lesions Treated by Icon Method

Galina Pancu, Sorin Andrian, Gianina Iovan, Angela Ghiorghe, Claudiu Topoliceanu, Antonia Moldovanu, Andrei Georgescu, Ion Pancu, Simona Stoleriu

Sealing or infiltrating dental hard tissues are modern methods in conservative treatment of early carious lesions. One of the most actual methods for the conservative therapy of incipient dental caries is based on local use of sealing and infiltrating agents. This study assesses the enamel microhardness comparing artificial carious lesions treated by ICON method and carious lesions treated by fluorisation with microhardness of similar untreated surfaces. The highest values of microhardness were obtained for enamel demineralised surfaces treated with ICON. The ICON method conducts to the formation of harder enamel surfaces, able to resist to further acid attacks.

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