Study Regarding Physical And Chemical Properties Of Some Root Canal Sealers Used In Endodontic TherapyStudy Regarding Physical And Chemical Properties Of Some Root Canal Sealers Used In Endodontic Therapy

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Mihaela Salceanu, Anca Melian, Hamburda Tudor, Liana Aminov, Maria Vataman

Aim study. The personal study aimed to determine pH and solubility of some root canal sealers used frequently in the treatment of chronic apical periodontitis. Materials and method The sealers were prepared accordingly to producer instructions. The analysis of pH was performed after a mixture between 0.5 g sealer and 20 ml sol. KCl 0,1N was shaked for 5 minutes. The pH values were recorded at diverse time intervals (baseline, 24 h, 7 days, 14 days) using pH-meter SEIBOLD WIEN. The analysis of solubility was focused on two hydroxid calcium based endodontic sealers (Sealapex- Septodont, Endoflas- Sanlor) immersed in two artificial solutions with pH 6 and pH 7,5. The solubility was assessed, at diverse time intervals (24 h, 48 h, 72 h) measuring the solid substance dissolved in 100 ml specific solvent. Results The pH values at baseline were 8.65 (Sealapex), 8.55 (Endomethasone), 8.26 (Endospad), 6.68 (AH26) and 5.80 (Pulpispad). The pH values after 2 weeks were 9.13 (Sealapex), 8.90 (Endomethasone), 8.72 (Endoflas), 8.50 (Endospad), 6.66 (Pulpispad) and 6.59 (AH26). Sealapex presents lowest solubility at pH 6 after 48 hours. After 72 h, solubility of Endoflas is higher comparing with Sealapex at pH 7.5. Conclusions The endodontic sealers with highest pH values present significant antibacterial and periapical remineralisation effects (Sealapex 8.65, Endospad 8.26, Endoflas 7.2). The degree of coronal filling sealing is an important factor to avoid the solubility of endodontic cements and to ensure the success of endodontic therapy.

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