Nicoleta Ioanid, Oana Țănculescu, Odette Luca, Maria Alexandra Mârţu-Stefanache, Andrada Raluca Doscas, Mihai Ciofu, Gabriela Ifteni


The mandible is a mobile bone, capable of extremely complex movement in which, horizontal ram, especially the two vertical branches are subject to deformation that may be combined in different ways. Aim Highlighting the mandibular deformation by medial flexure and comparing it on natural and implanted arches by using a computer analysis method. Material and method Measurements were performed on a group of 15 volunteers of both sexes among students of the Faculty of Dental Medicine Iasi. Selection criteria included: dental arches integrity (presence of the wisdom tooth was considered to be optional); aged between 20 and 30and balanced occlusion. The study was completed by selecting 10 volunteers from a group of 25 patients addressed to Oral Rehabilitation Service, Faculty of Dentistry, Iasi. Patients of both sexes, aged between 25 and 47 years presented different classes of edentulous maxilla and /or mandible. The impression was performed with silicone impression material of the addition type (vinilpolisiloxan) with very high viscosity and fast curing (Virtual Putty Ivoclar Vivadent-, fast set). Then, there were 2D scanned using a personal scanner (BENQ SCANNER 555O) at a magnification of 1200% and a resolution of 600 pixels. Each image was calibrated for 10 mm opening. Using Image Tool software. Results The jaw displacement, from rest position relative to maximum opening, determined a mandibular arch narrowing up to 1.5 mm. The results vary widely between subjects. The magnitude of the deflections increased with distance from the foramen. The values obtained so far are similar to those published in the literature. Conclusions Maximum medial flexure has been determined in the maximum opening of the mouth, intermolars distance being less than 100 μm for implant arches. The values for dental implant arches are lower from those of natural dental arches.

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