Salivary Gland Basal Cell Adenoma – A Morphological Study of Eight Cases

Veronica Mercuţ, H. Manolea, Monica Crăițoiu, P. Mărășescu, Monica Șearpe, C.Mărgăritescu

Our work presents a histopathological study of eight cases of basal cell adenoma selected during 1994-2003, from 334 salivary gland tumors. For the morphological study, we used the classical histopathological techniques with paraffin inclusions and Hematoxylin & Eosin (H.E.) stain, Trichromic Goldner Szeckelly stain and Periodic Acid Schiff- Mayer Hematoxylin stain. The microscopic study reveals a great diversity of morphological aspects consisting in presents of basaloid and ductal cell differentiations, solidisland, tubular, trabecular and membranous tumoral pattern of growth and more often a fibrous stroma.

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