Alexandra Carina Bănică, Iulia Roxana Marinescu, Dorin Nicolae Gheorghe, Anca Gabriela Trușcă, Emma Cristina Drăghici, Veronica Mercuț, Sanda Mihaela Popescu

Root resorption (RR) is a pathological process characterized by the loss of dental root substance as a result of inflammation caused by bacterial infections, traumatic injury, physical or chemical irritation. The aim of the study was to determine the prevalence of root resorption within an adult population group in Dolj County. Methods: Data collected from the dental records and OPG images of 200 adults treated in the Oral Rehabilitation Clinic from UMF Craiova were reviewed. Results: A total of 90 male (45%) and 110 female (55%) patients aged 18-73 years (average 44.23 years) were included. The prevalence of root resorption was 42.5%, mostly in the adults of 31-65 years old. From study group, 62 (72.94%), 18 (21.18), and 5 (5.88%) patients exhibited 1 tooth, 2 teeth or 3 teeth, respectively, with root resorption. Root resorption was frequently external (108 teeth, 95.57%, p<0.001), with external inflammatory root resorption being the most encountered (66 teeth, 58.4%). Radiographic features of the teeth with RR were frequently associated with asymptomatic apical periodontitis (92 teeth, 81.41%, p<0.001), in teeth with pulp necrosis (51 teeth, 45.13%) or previously treated (41 teeth, 36.28%). Conclusion: Root resorption had a high prevalence in adult population of Dolj County, with external inflammatory root resorption as the most frequent form of root resorption.

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