Radiodensitometric Study Regarding Conservative Endodontic Therapy in Periapical Lesions

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S─âlceanu Mihaela, Donciu Cristi, Maria Vataman, Radu Vataman

Introduction. Our study aimed to assess periapical healing processes using a quantitative method based on radiodensitometry. Material and methods. The evolution of periapical lesions in a study group of 10 patients taken in conservative endodontical therapy was monitorised through radiographs taken at baseline, after 12 months and after 24 months. The radiographs were scanned at 300 dpi resolution with an automated level of bright and contrast. Modification of bone density and periapical lesion size were assessed using radiodensitometry. Results and discussions. Radiodensitometry indicated objectively the increase of bone density and decrease of periapical radiotransparencies size that were correlated with time interval and preoperator diagnostic. Conclusions. Radiodensitometry can be useful for an objective cuantification of endododontic therapy success in chronic periapical periodontitis.

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