Kamel Earar, Magdalena Rusu Negraia, Indrei Lucian Laurentiu,  Cristian Constantin Budacu , Mihaela Gabriela  Luca


For the dental pathology, as well as for other medical fields, the pathological anatomy proves to be indispensable for the correct diagnosis and scientific treatment, and the formation of the medical thinking. In the conditions of the great diversity of the oral pathology, the usefulness of the anatomical-pathological investigation is confirmed by its possibilities to elucidate the structural, material basis of the quasi-totality of the disorders in this field and to differentiate them on this basis, giving the clinician a conclusive diagnosis. Oral rehabilitation consists of diagnosing and treating the entire pathology from the level of the oral cavity, from the articular, muscular, bone level, by correcting the changes that have occurred following the loss of teeth, abrasions, dental malpositions or after removal of tumor formations from the face level. In order to fully rehabilitate the quality of the patient’s teeth and the associated structures, the aim is to achieve a functional and aesthetic maximum of the functions of the dental apparatus; due to the appearance of multiple untreated dental problems, which led to the occurrence in the chain of diseases of dental, periodontal, occlusal nature, the appearance of dysfunctions in the neuro-muscular system, and to the algal syndromes of the temporomandibular joint.

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