Pre-Extractional Value of the International Normalized Ratio in Identification of the Hemorrhagic and Thromboembolic Risk in Patients Undergoing Oral Anticoagulant Treatment

Oleg Zănoagă, Valentin Topalo, Ion Corcimaru, Dumitru Sirbu, Ilie Suharschi

The study comprised 38 patients undergoing antithrombotic treatment. Relying on the research which we have carried out, we can conclude that patients who undergo unsupervised anticoagulant treatment have an increased both hemorrhagic and thromboembolic risk. The incidence of bleeding after dental extraction in patients undergoing antithrombotic therapy who have been extracted teeth without any prior withdrawal of these drugs, is 30,8±10,2%. These hemorrhages, having recorded the values INR

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