Kamel Earar , Madalina Nicoleta Matei

The purpose of this study is accomplished by evaluating the possibilities and limitations in the treatment of partially stretched edentulous skeletal prosthesis, using special items of maintenance, support and stabilization, depending on each patient’s specific clinical picture.The study group is made of a total of 15 patients who received removable prostheses or restorations that presented, at least at the level of an arcade, a form of subtotal edentation.The dentist has the difficult task to postpone as much as possible the installing of total edentation. Dentist‘s natural question is not whether, but when you will need a total replacement? A factor of predictability in this respect is the status of periodontal and endodontic tooth arch position, structural integrity, the way of retention of the prostheses and costs. The right strategy to approach the case is closely related to the hygiene and overall disease status.The superiority of overdenture must be notified, the one that uses special retention elements but one must not neglect the specific aspects of pre and pro prosthetic therapies in the context of ensuring favorable premises for the completion of prosthetic therapy and the correlation of course options according to the overall health and oral hygiene factors.
Key words:edentulous, overdenture,attachments, social cases, removable prosthesis

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