Postextractionaly Complications between Minor and Major

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Carmen Stelea, Cristina Popa, Eugenia Popescu, Cristian Budacu

Wounds remaining after dental extraction are not large in extent, not tension high and important sacrifices of tissues and however they may be accompanied with various pathological events with a rapid onset – a few hours after surgery, clinical manifestations being dominated by local phenomena. Oedema, pain, infection, hematoma, bruising and lockjaw are most frequently encountered. Their high incidence would recommend them as a major participant in the panel deviated from the normal of postoperative course, requiring the establishment of a therapeutic arsenal to reduce complex clinical phenomena. Paradoxically, however, with one located at the opposite effect, at least, after extraction alveolar alveolitis is one that should attract the attention of prevention measures across practitioner. If unfortunately this has occurred, it needs a complex therapy – surgery and drug-consuming time and money with a slow evolution (healing may take up to 30 days of treatment and monitoring) and a negative impact on patient comfort after dental extraction.

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