Possibilities and Limits of Fibre Reinforced Composites in Fixed ProsthodonticsPossibilities and Limits of Fibre Reinforced Composites in Fixed Prosthodontics

Raluca Maria Mocanu, Oana Țănculescu, Gabriela Ifteni, Monica Andronache, Alina Apostu, Cristina Iordache, Silvia Mârţu

The development of fibre reinforced composite technology leads the way to fabrication of metal-free restorations along with dental tissues preservation. Due to the physical, chemical and biomechanical properties which are in a sustained development, fibre reinforced composites have a variety of applications in dentistry. The clinician must understand the concept of fibre reinforced composite, select the appropriate system and adapt the design of tooth preparation for every clinical situation. These materials can provide provisional or long-term restorations, within the context of minimally invasive concept.

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