Outcome Implant Treatment In Total Edentulous: A Retrospective 5-Year Follow-Up Study

Aureliu Gumeniuc

The study was conducted on 39 complete edentulism cases; in 19 cases (48.72%) the clinical and anatomical conditions allowed to place implant-supported fixed prosthetic restorations, in 12 cases (30.77%) – removable prosthetic restorations and in 8 cases (20.51%) – combined (hybrid) prosthetic restorations. The prosthetic restorations were supported by 260 screw type implants, out of which 160 were of one stage with early functional loading and 100 implants of two stages with functional loading after their integration. For the treatment-planning and design fixed prosthetic restorations the following indicator was suggested: PU/SU (prosthetic units / support units) ratio. An efficient method for the treatment of complete edentulism was elaborated, through FPR on one stage implants.

Download (PDF, 114KB)

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