Osteoplasty Of The Maxillary Bone Defects Through Mentalis Autotransplants

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Dumitru Sirbu, Valentin Topalo, Ilie Suharschi, Oleg Zanoaga, Vadim Sinitin

In this study we have used the method of osteoplasty of the alveolar processes by means of mentalis autotransplants. We have analysed and assessed this method in order to enable a bone pre-implanting offer. The authors of this study have applied this method on 14 patients (6 men, 8 women) aged 21-57 years old, during the performing of the operations. In this study the success rate of these operations has registered 71,43%. Relying on these data we can conclude that these methods are not perfect yet, therefore they require to be continuously studied. 

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