Romanian Journal of Oral Rehabilitation 2009,Numarul 4 Oral Rehabilitation On Small Substance Loss Cases

Oral Rehabilitation On Small Substance Loss Cases

Norina Consuela Forna, Robert Sader

The purpose of this study consists of the identification of implantologic and prosthetic methods and techniques used in substance loss rehabilitation, associated with identifying the specific biomaterials in perfect accordance with each case particularities, without leaving aside the bone-tissue deficiency etiology. A representative number of clinical cases were selected, cases which are relevant for the chosen theme. The possibility of reconstructing the natural parameters of the edentulous alveolar ridge areas is various, starting with augmentation materials of the autogenous and heterograft type biomaterials(Bio-Oss, Grafton, Cerasorb si MBCP) including the mixing of these two types of biomaterials, and going to epitheses, which are the best choise for complex substance loss.

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