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Oana Tatiana Miron, C. Volovat, Mirabela Alecsa, Laura Mihaela Trandafir, Simona Volovat


   Oral cavity lesions are often encountered in lung cancer patients treated with systemic treatments. Patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer receive first-line therapy with chemotherapy, targeted therapies in case of tumors with driver mutations, and more recently also immune checkpoint inhibitors.   

 A consistent intraoral examination of each anatomic structure is indicated in these patients. The size, extent, thickness, color, consistency, tenderness of any suspected intraoral lesion should be evaluated. Early detection and prompt biopsy of the lesion is necessary to establish the diagnosis. Oral complications may be caused by the treatment itself (directly) or by side effects of the treatment (indirectly). These changes may lead to mouth sores, infections, and tooth decay. Finding and treating oral problems before cancer treatment begins can prevent oral complications or make them less severe. Preventing and controlling oral complications can help you continue cancer treatment and have a better quality of life.

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