Romanian Journal of Oral Rehabilitation 2012,Numarul 3 On Plasticity of Medical Terms Metaphors in Medical Language

On Plasticity of Medical Terms Metaphors in Medical Language

Mariana Flaiser

According to the general prejudice about scientific writings, the specificity of which consists of their denotative and metalinguistic functions, the former are resistant to any metaphoric expressions, which are considered only characteristic of fiction. Some linguists reckon that the only quality of popularizing scientific writings is that they are the vehicle of particular suggestive expressions and presentational syntagms, the role of which would be to translate the meaning of certain scientific terms to be understood by non-specialists. Considering the rather frequent theory proposed by cultural linguistics and philosophy, according to which “any word was once a metaphor”, the metaphorization phenomenon further to which certain medical words were formed should also be taken into account when explaining specific medical terms.

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