Observations On Succession Of The Clinico-Technical Steps Of Functional Impression Of The Maxilla With Libra Crest And Accentuate Bunoid Papilla

Mihaela Mitrea, Cristina Sintea, Dorelia Lucia Calin, L.L. Francu

The aging process is viewed as a complex phenomenon of anatomical, physiological, metabolic and psychological decline of the human subject. Examination of the prosthetic field in the elderly must take into account the local anatomical peculiarities of the hard and soft oral structures. To obtain a correct functional impression a thorough history and physical examination are essential for finding out the characteristics of each field prosthetic in part. To obtain a correct final impression, a wide range of impression materials and techniques is available. Most often, to obtain the desired result several materials with different consistencies are used, and impression techniques are combined. A prosthetic restoration can become “part” of the stomatognathic system being assimilated and perfectly tolerated by the body or, on the contrary, it can cause patient discomfort and iatrogenesis. The quality of restoration depends on the selected treatment plan, practitioner knowledge and skills on the one hand, and patient status and responsiveness, on the other hand.

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