Non-Invasive Methods Of Paraclinical Evaluation Involved In Oral Rehabilitation

Norina Consuela Forna, Pogorelick Pepi

The age interval of 18-35 brings together a lot of patients with morpho-functional particularities which decisively influence the therapeutic approach in the field of partial edentation, aspect which includes the correlation of these parameters with the general condition. The aim of this study quantifies the contribution of the non invasive and minimally invasive methods of paraclinical evaluation corroborated with the clinical aspects, a particularly important element being represented by the inter-relation between the general condition – oral pathology. The study group was represented by patients with ages between 18 and 35 years, diagnosed with partial edentation, with various problems of the general condition. The non-invasive therapy and the minimally invasive therapy of diagnostic govern the territory of the adolescent stomatology, determining statistically significant correlations between the general condition reflected in the thermographic trajectories and the oral pathology supported by the classic paraclinical examinations in dental medicine.

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