Modification of Salivary Proteins, Glucose and Calcium Level in General Diseases

Bogdan Petru Bulancea, Maria Ursache

Biochemical analysis of the inorganic salivary compounds can serve as indicators of salivary gland modifications during some general diseases, with repercussions on the cariogenic risk. The aim of the study was to evaluate the modification of some salivary parameters in different conditions of general affection (high blood pressure associated with diabetes and radiotherapy). Materials and methods The study was conducted on 65 patients aged between 65 to 80 years old. The values of total salivary proteins, salivary glucose and calcium-Ca2+, that could influence the occurrence of some oral cavity modifications, as a result of the pre-existing systemic pathology, were determined. Results The study showed that there are no significant variations of total proteins at the studied patients. We found elevated salivary glucose levels in patients with high blood pressure associated with diabetes and an increase of calcium concentration in patients which received radiotherapy. Conclusion The presence of high blood pressure associated with diabetes, and the radiation treatment affects quality of oral fluid.

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