Dorin – Nicolae Gheorghe, Petra Șurlin, Elena Herăscu, Cristin Vere, Melania Cojocaru, Andrei-Alexandru Iliescu, Ana – Maria Rîcă, Simona Popa, Dora Popescu

Abstract: Aim of the study: to compare the metabolic status using chemical blood test markers for periodontal disease-diagnosed patients suffering or not from systemic conditions (diabetes mellitus and chronic viral hepatitis). Material and Methods. 195 patients diagnosed with various stages of chronic periodontal disease (PD) were divided into four groups: PD + diabetes mellitus (n=60), PD + hepatitis B (n=16), PD + hepatitis C (n=10) and PD only (n=109). The patients’ blood samples were analyzed for: biochemical parameters (blood sugar – glucose, total cholesterol, hepatic enzymes – transaminase ALT and AST, triglycerides) and cellular parameters (full blood count, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, prothrombin time and international normalized ratio). Data collection and statistical analysis t-test were performed for comparison, p < 0.05 for statistical significance. Results. Our retrospective study shows elevated levels of hepatic enzymes (both AST and ALT) for the periodontal patients diagnosed with chronic HCV/HBV infection than for systemic-healthy periodontal patients. The total cholesterol mean values expressed no statistically significant difference between the four group of patients. Triglycerides mean levels were lower than the physiological reference value for periodontal patients with no co-morbidities but expressed higher average values for systemic-diseased ones. Glucose levels were the highest for the periodontal patients with diabetes. Conclusion. Metabolic parameters in periodontal patients suffer alterations caused by diabetes and HBV/HCV infection.

Key words: metabolic, parameters, periodontal, diabetes, hepatitis.

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