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Antohe Magda-Ecaterina, Agop Forna Doriana, Edlibi Al Hage Walid, Forna Norina Consuela

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            The present study aims to analyze the correlation of the type of biomaterial used inthe partially removable prosthesis with the technological aspects that decisively influence the clinical finality ofthe cases diagnosed with partially extended edentation reflected in a representative number of clinical cases, the therapeutic solutions being anchored in the territory of the classic movable prostheses, elastic or skeletonized, a great care being given to the aesthetic-functional balance that govern the clinical- technological algorithm of mobile constructions.

Material and method:the factual material has been represented by a total of 50 cases clinical diagnosed with edentation partially stretched, therapeutic solutions bringing together prosthetic fixed constructions, and mobile prosthetics too, made of different types of biomaterials, the analyze factorial overlapping that influences the clinical algorithm and technology of some practical cases representative for the issues addressed to, leading to conclusions relevant in what concerns the triple biomaterial- particularities of the technological aesthetic-functional restorations. Results and discussions Conventional finishing methods affect the impact resistance of acrylic resin surfaces, while the use of “glaze” poly methyl methacrylates gives increased scratch resistance, greatly reducing the colonization of bacteria and the formation of dental plaque on the surfaces of the prostheses. Flexible acrylates open a new era on the evolutionary scale in terms of resistance, biocompatibility with oral tissues, influencing the final appearance of the future partially removable pros theses.CONCLUSIONS Biomaterials and high technology require a decisive contribution in choosing and developing joint prostheses, an integral part of composite therapy.


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