Matemathics Model Analysis of Biomechanical Behaviour of Three Dental Materials to Loading Related to Bruxism

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Eugen Balacel, St. Lacatusu, C. Topoliceanu, I. Balacel, G. Iovan, A. Ghiorghe

The aim of study is to highlights the biomechanical behaviour of three dental materials during loading related to bruxism. It was created a finite element model of mandibular canin. The modelling was performed in Rhinoceros, AutoCad and the finite element analysis was performed in COSMOSWorks 2010. Occlusal loading was applied vertical and had a value of 1000N. The analysed cervical restorations were performed by dental amalgam, composite resins and glassionomer cements. The results confirm clinical observations related to the correlations between maximal occlusal forces to incisal margin of canin and maximal tensions to the level of cervical restorations.

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