Latest Functionally Orthodontic Treatment Without Tooth Extraction Bend On Special Belongings Of Human Being!

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Andre Jurgen

This article is about the modeling of jaws and positions of teeth as the orthodontic treatment with holistic global aspects. In order to achieve a neuro-functionally reorganization (NFR) of human being, it is necessary to consider in which way we could sustain the development of individual growth. Only human beings who have learned to take care for their own life, will be able to continue and to support society. Orthopedic and orthodontic is the art to prevent and to adjust while childhood the deformations of the body. In this respect parents and the social environment involved in elevation are playing an important role. Besides a special dental treatment can be used in these circumstances and the dentistry may help to create self-conscious and self-responsible people. My personal aspect in this field is, to point out before all, that not dentists are the ones who claim for long-term results but patients themselves. Orthopedic and orthodontic is not the alignment of teeth by technical features but by individual ways of progresses in different human areas. These are BODY, SOUL and SPIRIT, the only entrance to each individual universe. These three partials are the main sources for self-healing processes. To sustain these aspects is what dentistry and orthodontic should do, instead of alignments with only technical views and regards.

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