Lateral Bone Expansion for Immediate Placement of Endosseous Dental Implants

Nicolae Chele, Valentin Topalo, Ion Dabija, Daniila Racovita

The study included 10 patients, 28 endosseous implants “AlphaBio” were places in the alveolar ridge, using the split control expansion technique and the immediate implant placement. This study showed that, as the result of using the split control technique of treatment, an expansion of the alveolar bone of 3 to 4 mm has been achieved, and it allowed the immediate placement of dental implants and the loading 4 months postimplant placement. The benefits of this technique make it much better that the existing traditional ones and allow the possibility to prepare the alveolar bone and the immediate placement of the endosseous dental implants, without any controlled vertical and horizontal expansion of the alveolar bone with osteotomes. Bone expansion and compaction technique using osteotomes allows condensing the spongy bone by alveolar horizontal resorption. The osteotome technique represents a substantially less-invasive procedure for controlled alveolar horizontal expansion (especially in lateral sites of the mandible).

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