Laser In Dental Medicine. The Psychological Impact In Privat Practice

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Irina Costache, Vlad Dănilă

The aim of these study is to use the laser anaesthesia, a non-contact technique, in the minimal invaziv treatment of the profound and medium carrious lesions, at different erbium laser parameters. Material and method: The study group included 68 patiens with ages between 6 and 20; a two-year study (january 2006 – november 2008) performed in a private practice. The carious lesions treatment was performed with a saphire G6 erbium laser tip. Both laser anaesthesia techniques were used, assessing the patients dental anxiety with Hamilton Anxiety Scale and the intraoperatory sensitivity with the Wong-Baker FACES Pain Rating Scale. Results: Before chosing the anaesthesia techniques, 73% of the subjects were diagnosticated with moderate anxiety and a rigid, fear face; 20% severe symptoms, with distracted, tearful face and 7% of the patients had mild anxiety with a happy face. At the end of the treatment, 61,1% of the children and young adults with moderate symptoms of anxiety had a happy, hurts a little bit face; and those with severe anxiety had an indifferent face.

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