Influence of Salivary Factor on Rampant Caries to Patients with Asthma

Isabela Balace, St. Lacatusu, C. Topoliceanu, S. Stoleriu, E. Balacel, S. Andrian, A. Ghiorghe

The aim of study is to assess the relation between corticostheroid dose for patients with asthma and the modifications of salivary factor, associated with the increase of dental caries prevalence. The study group included patients with asthma diagnosed in Clinical Hospital of Pneumophtisiology Iasi, treated with different corticostheroid doses. The patients were submitted to an oral assessment and salivary tests were performed (RFR, RFS, CT). Data were statistically processed using software SPSS 13. The statistical tests included Mann-Whitney, Kruskal-Wallis, Pearson Correlation. The results demonstrated that patients under therapy with glucocorticoides for asthma present significant changing of salivary rate and salivary buffering capacity.

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