Dan Cristian Ionel,  GG Condurache , Magdalena Rusu Negraia


There is a compensation and balancing mechanism even at the level of the dental morphofunctional element. The physiological abrasion, determined by the cuspid-cavity interdental contact, characterized by the wear of the cuspid slopes, will be compensated (according to Jankelson’s theory) by the continuous active eruption. These mechanisms allow, in fact, to restore a cuspidian morphology appropriate to the function, without altering the vertical height. The function of the temporo – mandibular joint is highlighted by the movements that the mandible can make. Material and method: The method of immediate prosthesis is a combination of orthopedic, surgical and medical treatments. The examination to establish the indication must be performed systematically and complex for a comprehensive information on the health of the whole body and of the stomatognathic system. Results and discussions: The immediate rehabilitation of the dental arches is urgent, which has led to the use of techniques that simplify the work phases for the preparation of prostheses. Simplified techniques allow the prosthesis to be made directly in surgery or with the help of the laboratory. Conclusions: The justification of applying a working method or technique is unanimously accepted as being supported by the advantages it has compared to others; the advantages result from the multiple possibilities offered for the rehabilitation of the functions of the stomatognathic system and for the biology of the soft and hard tissue formations that make up this complex apparatus.

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