Ana Maria Filioreanu, Eugenia Popescu, Mirela Grigorovici, Cristina Popa

ABSTRACT: Lichen planus is a mucosal-cutaneous genodermatosis with a high involvement of oral mucosa. Oral lichenoid reactions are viewed as lichen planus-like lesions described in the literature in the field as pathological entities as such, or as forms of exacerbation of a pre-existent lichen planus. Drugs and dental materials are triggering factors for these lesions.

If the diagnosis for lichen planus can be established based on a clinical examination or a clinical examination confirmed histopathologically, in case of lichenoid reactions, the diagnosis is difficult to establish due to their common features with lichen planus. 

This study is a retrospective review of histopathological features of lichen planus compared to oral lichenoid reactions conducted on patients from the Outpatient Unit within the Oral and Maxillofacial  Clinic of  „Sf. Spiridon” Emergency Clinical Hospital in Iasi.

Although the histopathological and clinical features of idiopathic lichen planus and lichenoid reactions are quite similar, the study discovered a few features that differentiate them and also revealed the need for running additional examinations confirming the features of each condition.

Download (PDF, 875KB)

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