Carmen Gentimir (Amititeloaie), Anda Cătălina Zaharia, Eugen Bitere, Dragoş Acatrinei, Ionuţ Cazan, Marcel Costuleanu, Otilia Boişteanu


Aim of the study We studied the effects of fibroblasts autophagy on the apoptosis of pro-B murine lymphocytes when were co-cultured. Material and methods Study of literature suggested that released autophagy-derived metabolites from fibroblasts might affect the apoptotic behavior of lymphocytes when there is a close interaction of these cells. The experimental plan of the actual studies was represented by induced effects of the presence of gingival fibroblasts in co-culture on NAK-1 receptors-activated pro-lymphocytes B apoptosis. Results We clearly showed that murine pro-B lymphocyte apoptosis induced by indol-3-carbinol could be significantly enhanced by the presence of gingival fibroblasts in co-culture. Furthermore, the addition of 3-methyl-adenine in the medium for 24 hours blocked the enhancing effects induced by fibroblasts on the apoptotic index of pro-B lymphocytes. Conclusions So, the enhancing apoptotic effects of fibroblasts on pro-B lymphocytes are related to released autophagy-derived metabolites. Their real nature remains to be established through future researches involving this complex system.

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