Fracture Resistance Of Tooth Fragments Reattached With Different Techniques. An In Vitro Study

Monika Kovacs, Mariana Pacurar, Mihai Pop, Petcu Blanka, Csilla Bukhari

Aim of the study to determine whether and to what extent the reattachment of fractured incisor tooth fragments is weakening the teeth and which adhesive material and technique offers the strongest bond to the tooth structure. Materials and methods 48 extracted mandibular incisors divided into 4 groups were used. After fracturing the incisal third of each tooth, the fragments were reattached with different materials and techniques and the force necessary to fracture the teeth was measured. Results Statistically significant differences were found between the group of teeth restored with composite resin in association with a prepared bevel and the other three groups. The first one showed significantly higher fracture strength. Conclusion The materials and techniques used in this study affected the bond strength of the reattached teeth.

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