Carmen Savin, Adriana Balan, Veronica Serban, Adam Maxim, Ciprian Rotariu

Teachers, active factors of modeling and training have a bearing decisive through informational baggage and especially through art concepts that make its presence felt in every field, on the evolution of students that are given in their care. A good information of the teachers in the basic concepts about children’s temporary teeth injuries, concerns that category of teachers who teach in classes where students were age appropriate to temporary and mixed dentition.
Aim. To assess the knowledge of teachers from kindergartens and primary schools regarding the temporary teeth trauma and to promote to the teachers the concepts of prevention and interception of traumatic pathology in the area of the temporary teeth through election methods.
Material and methods. Study material was represented by a questionnaire that was completed by a total of 64 teachers that included the hierarchy of specialization (teachers, substitute teachers, primary school teachers and educators). The questionnaire included 28 items with closed and open questions and was structured in three parts. As part of this research it was used for statistical data processing, the STATISTICA program and were applied specific tests for various types of analyzed data ANOVA test and specific tests of correlation Pearson, Chi-square ( 2).
Results and discussion. It was found that there is a statistically significant correlation (r = 0.65, p = 0.000413, 95% CI) between teacher sex and the actions they organize outside of school. Nonparametric correlation test results showed that female teachers were more concerned about these actions. Differential correlative aspects have shown concern of teachers who already have children, for the augmentation of information level in the area of temporary teeth trauma. Regarding the desire of teachers to be informed about the management of dental trauma, a rate of 92.1% of those polled, opted for, in the purposes information management diversification, in order to make teachers better prepared people in the area of traumatic pathology, people with definite knowledge in the area of first aid.
Conclusions. Responses to the questionnaire regarding the teacher knowledge in the area of temporary teeth trauma are in full agreement with the age stage of the teacher, the parent’s overlap status and the hierarchy that holds the institution. Choosing appropriate methods of promoting oral health and prevent temporary teeth trauma is a central idea which lies in the responses received, thereby leading to the prevention of a full and complex clinical entity.

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