Etiological Factors of Enamel Develomental Defects of Permanent Teeth in Children and Adolescent

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Mocanu Roxana Mihaela, Pãsãreanu M., Maxim A.

Developmental defects of enamel can be caused by many etiological factors. The purpose of this study was to monitor the developmental defects of enamel in permanent teeth in a urban pediatric population of and Targu Frumos and determine the correlation between personal history affections, use of antibiotics in the first four years of life and developmental defects of enamel. The prevalence of developmental defects of enamel obtained in this study is 9.8% lower than the values in the studies described in the literature. The correlation of developmental defects of enamel with antibiotics administered in the first year of life revealed a relative risk of 1.66 times higher, that after four years of administration to reach a relative risk of over two times higher. The odd risk ranged from 2.14 until 24.98 when antibiotic administration is associated with personal medical history of asthma or neurological disorders.

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