Digitized Diagnostic Systems Between Challenge And Necessity In Young Dentists’ Clinical Practice

Ionut Luchian, Ioana Martu, Monica Tatarciuc, Silvia Martu

When we start working as a dentist we should keep in mind that all our efforts should be focused on providing the best dental care to our patients but doing that as a young doctor can be sometimes extremely challenging. We all agree on the fact that for a suitable and ethical treatment planning we have to establish a correct diagnosis. Correct diagnosis involves knowledge, good training and adequate diagnostic systems. The aim of this study is to provide an objective overview on the modern diagnostic tools that we can use in order to have a successful practice from the very beginning. This work will present as well the advantages and the limitations of using the X-Ray digitized systems in the private clinic. We tried to emphasize the importance of a correct treatment planning in different specialties using these devices for a predictable clinical result. Last but not least we would like to approach in a critical comparative way the benefits of the digitized diagnostic tools compared to classical devices and to decide if the digital era will replace or rather complete the classical methods of diagnosis.

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