Kamel Earar, Mohammad Shalalfeh, Corina Cecilia Manole Palivan, Gabi Topor, Ana Maria Zaharescu, Alina Ramona Dimofte, Ovidiu Shipor, Alina Calin


Dentistry, as a science, feels the overwhelming impact of knowledge needs and raises the share of research interest in all its subspecialties, legitimized from this perspective.

Considering the human body as a unitary whole and given the increased frequency of oral manifestations during the onset and evolution of general diseases, the practical importance of oral pathological manifestations in diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic attitude in internal diseases.

General pathology influences and is, in turn, influenced by oral pathology. Oral manifestations can play a key role in establishing early diagnosis in a serious condition, which can be ameliorated by appropriate therapy.

Oral health and the prevention of diseases of the oral cavity is a material of increasing interest from both patients and medical staff. This interest is explained by the increased frequency of oro-dental diseases, which is a challenge in promoting oral health as effectively as possible. The right method of contraception is not always easy to discover, especially when it comes to contraception.

Lack of information has pushed women to go and buy pills directly from a pharmacy without prescription or a previous gynecological examination. This conduct is wrong, because there are hormonal dosages suitable for each woman.

Contraceptives have many beneficial effects; in addition to contraception, it is the treatment of conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome or endometriosis.

Other benefits: relieves dysmenorrhea (pain during menstruation); relieves excessive bleeding during menstruation; improves premenstrual syndrome, has cosmetic effects by reducing acne, seborrhea, hirsutism, decreases the risk of ectopic pregnancies, decreases the risk of ovarian, endometrial, colorectal cancer. Many medical conditions begin or evolve with characteristic or common oropharyngeal symptoms.

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