Comparative Analysis Regarding Two Methods For Predicting Lower Third Molar Impaction

Loredana Golovcencu, Georgeta Zegan, Gabriela Gelețu

Third lower molar is a major controversy in dental practice. The purpose of this study is to compare the reliability of two radiographic methods used to predict third lower molar prognosis of eruption or impaction. 109 children, with ages between 12 and 19 years were enrolled in our study. For all subjects we measured the retromolar available space and lower third molar inclination on the orthopantomograms and lateral cephalometric films. The measurement of the retromolar space has similar predictive value on both films, especially for those third molars with 100% chances of impaction or eruption. The correlation analysis for the angle between the long axis of the lower third molar and the mandibular plane measured on orthopantomograms, respectively on lateral cephalometric film showed that R2 = 0.439, which means significantly statistic direct correlation between this two variables.

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