Comparative Analysis Of Periapical Radiography And Cbct Of Endodontically Treated Teeth

Anca Torcatoru, Attila Benedek, Andrei Iliescu

The purpose of this study was to assess the differences existing in radiographical analysis of endodontically treated teeth on periapical radiography and CBCT scans. Material and method Seventy-six teeth were examined. Two examiners evaluated each radiograph and CBCT scan of every tooth. The evaluators used the same calibration system and rated periapical status using the PAI score (1986 Ørstavik) for periapical radiographs and Estrela’s scores for CBCT scans. Results The correlation factor between the two analyses was 0.88, very close to 1 showing a very strong correlation. Involvement of cortical bone was detected on CBCT in 13.35% cases for buccal bone and 26.66% for maxillary sinus wall in sinus adjacent teeth. Conclusions The dimensional perspective of 2D and 3D might be less significant when using a CBCT device of medium field of view in detecting the apical periodontal status. Such a CBCT is of great help in detecting the status of neighbourhood structure.

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