Clinical Issues Involved In The Degree Of Periodontal Disease Assessing And The Effectiveness Of Established Therapy

Marius R. Vataman, Mihaela Moscalu, Stefan Lacatusu

Given the complexity of etiological factors of periodontal disease, it is required a detailed analysis of the clinical issues encountered, depending on age, gender and periodontal indices. The results can guide the dentist practitioner to choose the most appropriate and effective therapeutic methods. Material and methods: 126 patients were selected, of both genders and aged between 20-70 years, with periodontal pockets, and a control group of 40 patients without periodontal pockets. Results: Various categories of periodontal pockets were detected by us, with a significant association between groups of patients examined, correlations that can provide very important evidence about methods of treatment that needs to be applied. Size of periodontal pocket was analyzed in correlation with gender, age, plaque index (PI) and papillary bleeding index (PBI). Results of correlation test for periodontal pocket depth and age, gender, PI, PBI and CPITN indicates a significant increase of periodontal pocket depth in patients with increased PBI (r = 0.67, p = 0.0001). Conclusions: This study may guide the dentists’ practitioners in choosing of the appropriate treatment technique, avoiding some failures that may occur in time.

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