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Maria-Antonela Beldiman, Lidia Elena Rusu, Elena Luca, Georgiana Macovei


Aim of the study was to evaluate the presence, duration and intensity of chronic pain for orthodontic patients using the TMJ Scale questionnaire and to compare the data obtained. Material and methods The study included a total of 55 patients, ages 17 to 36 years, who were assessed for the presence, intensity and progression of chronic pain, chronicity and psychological factors, with a specific interpretation and statistical analysis performed using the SPSS 18.0 software. Results The presence of pain was reported at initial stage, at 1-3 months and 10-12 months – the intensity increased from 45.5% to 52.7% after 10-12 months monitoring, but with no statistically significant differences (p = 0.622). Conclusions The study highlighted and supported the need to assess the presence and intensity of chronic pain in patients with orthodontic treatment, and to establish a specific treatment to improve symptomatology.


Key words: orthodontic treatment, chronic pain, TMJ Scale, questionnaire 

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