Maria Bolat, Simona Stoleriu, Tofan Nicoleta, Claudiu Topoliceanu, Gianina Iovan,Sorin Andrian, Galina Pancu


The use of correct criteria for assessing direct restorations is of major importance in dental practice in the context of incorrect use or the use of invalid criteria may lead to erroneous repair / replacement decisions or over-treatment. The purpose of the study was to determine the aesthetic performance of composite resin restorations in relation to a number of clinical and biological variables (patient sex, age of restoration, type of cavity). Material and method: The study group consisted of 80 patients aged 16-44 years (male 35, 45-females). The evaluation of the restorations was performed in relation to the sex of the patients (male, female), the age of the restorations (1-2 years, 3-4 years) and the type of cavity (class III, class IV, class V). The evaluation was done through the aesthetic FDI criteria. Results: Our study did not aim to correlate surface changes and color changes with cariogenic risk or oral hygiene of patients, but this is a subject that can be addressed in later research. In our study, the comparison of clinical performance at different time intervals (1-2 years vs. 4-6 years) was relevant for observing the age of age in changes in aesthetic criteria under the condition that incorrect techniques of restoration, finishing and polishing or frequent consumption beverages with potential for degradation and coloring of the surface of composite resins can lead to failure in the first 12 months. Conclusions: The percentage of restorations in aesthetic composite resins (SE <4) is significantly higher for restorations 1-2 years old (94.30%) compared to restorations 3-4 years old (72.40%). Resurfacing from composite resins located in the IV class cavities is significantly affected by aesthetic score (47.00%) compared to restorations located in Class III cavities (12.00%) and Class V (13.40%) respectively.

Key words: direct restorations, composite resin, aesthetic performance, aesthetic FDI criteria

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